Green Home Building Techniques You Shouldn’t Miss

If you find yourself reading this post, chances are, you are aware of our planet’s delicate situation and hopefully you are one with us in spreading words about how to save it for the future generations.

When thinking of ways to help the environment, you don’t need to go any further than your own home; or if you’re planning to build one – your future home. Making your home greener is a simple yet very effective way of helping our environment.

Here let’s check out some awesome ways to make your home more environment-friendly.

  1. Pick the right location.

As much as possible, choose a property where your house can be built facing east (or avoiding the west). This minimizes sun exposure, keeping your place cool later on. It would also be good if you can pick a property that is close to public transportation or local store to avoid dependence on personal vehicle. This helps avoid expending additional fuel for travel.

  1. Compact living quarters.

The smaller your home is the more eco-friendly it becomes. When you have a larger space, expect that it would be requiring more energy later on. Aside from helping the environment, you’d be find out that compact designs are cost effective and is easier to maintain. To be honest, I’ve always dreamed of moving into a smaller home because of its many advantages.

  1. Choose energy efficient equipment.

Fill your house with appliances that are tagged with Energy Star label. This rating guarantees that the appliances have passed the Environmental Protection Agency’s stringent measures. It also signifies better energy efficiency and savings.

  1. Ensure proper insulation.

It is estimated that around 50% of your home’s energy consumption is spent on cooling and heating. You can cut you energy consumption by ensuring proper insulation. I have proven this one, so I’m sure it’ll also work for you!

  1. 3Rs: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

It may sound cheeky but the 3Rs are still the most effective way to keep your place greener. Reuse old stuff like doors, wood, windows for your new home. Reduce the need to buy new products. Recycle items that can be turned into building materials.

  1. Invest on sustainable building materials.

In order to build a green home, you have to use eco-friendly building materials. These materials can greatly help the planet although they often come with few added cost. For my part, I personally see to it that the construction materials I use are environment friendly. Just last week, when I had the music room renovated, I installed eco-friendly soundproofing materials. They were worked great, at the same time, I was able to help the environment. With the eco-soundproofing, I could hardly hear the beating of my new drum set – you can take a look at my drum set model by clicking this link.

  1. Energy efficient lighting.

The next time your existing light bulbs busts off, change them with either a CFL or LED light bulb. Usually, these variety of light bulbs cost more but in the long run, you can save even more with the reduced energy consumption and longer life span of these bulbs. For sure, you can recoup your initial cash outlay with the huge savings on electricity.

Transforming your home into an eco-friendly place may seem challenging but once you’ve started, everything becomes simple. I guess this saying’s perfect: when you go green, you will never go back!