DIY Wood Crate Projects You’ve Never Thought Before

DIY Wood Crate Projects You’ve Never Thought Before

Crates and wood pallets have been around for many years now. It is among the preferred mechanisms for storing and shipping bulky items. However, the use of wood storage materials adds burden to our environment. Every year, trees that number in thousands are cut to produce pallets and crates.

It appalls me when I see wood crates and pallets that go to the dumpsters after just one use. Such a waste in our natural resources takes toll on our planet. Good thing many builders, designers, architects and DIYers are now more conscious about the environment. I’ve seen how these once-and-done packaging pieces are transformed into useful home design, décor and even building materials. Reusing and repurposing these crates is a simple way to help our environment.

I’ve seen a lot of inspiring DIY projects made of wood crates. I actually repurposed the stack of old wooden crate I found in our garage. I turned them into an outdoor table. But because it was not enough, I had to order another set of collar pallets from I must say, making DIY home decorations out of wooden crates is very addicting and fascinating. You have to get your creativity to work. Oh, I must say, some friends who saw my DIY table (made of collar pallets) were so inspired that they also did the same.

Here are some future DIY projects that I think can be done with old wooden pallets.

  1. Coffee table

This can be done with just a standard stack of wooden pallet and it is perfect for newbies. It’s simple to do and does not require too much frills. Anyone can do it very quickly. You can make it look more special by placing a glass on top.

  1. Pallet sofa

For this project you need to have long slabs of wood, as well as, sturdy wood for base and legs. It’s just like the coffee table except that you need to make this stronger as it would carry weight later on. Complete your sofa by adding foam on top.

  1. Raised bed garden

It’s the simplest and easiest way to repurpose old wooden crates and pallets. You can arrange it around your lawn or garden, screw the edges and it’s a go. You can also paint later on to make it look more attractive.

  1. Desk

Another very easy DIY project — turn old collar pallets into desk for your home office or your kid. For the legs you can use metal frames for variation as well as to make it sturdier. You can simply apply varnish to complete the DIY look.

  1. Stylish home accents

The simplicity of wooden crates serves as its asset. You can turn the crates into home décor or accent. You can pin on the wall or transform it into a stylish board where you can put picture frames or even the TV.

There are a lot of amazing things you can do with crates that would otherwise be on the dumpster. The best part is that they’re very easy to do. How about you? Any DIY crate project in mind?