Rearing Eco-Conscious Kids: The Way To A Better Future

The future of our planet is in the hands of our youth. Depending on how we rear our children, the future can be bright and bold or dreary and dark. As such, it is our duty to teach the future generations how to value our environment.

We have to build a generation of environmental leaders who make choices to play, work and live in a way that does not harm our natural spaces. There are lots of opportunities to enjoy and have fun without sacrificing the environment. For instance, we can make children aware that throwing their toys can add pollutants to the garbage. It would be better to get sturdy toys and gadgets that can last long. For instance, trampolines are a good gift idea for kids because it encourages physical activities at the same it’s a proven sturdy toy. You can find about trampolines more here

Increasing awareness of children on the many environmental issues and making them eco-conscious individuals can cut the cycle of destruction that earlier generations have committed. There are many ways we can teach the youth about environmental lessons. Here are some few tips.

  1. Be an example. Children learn by assimilation. They tend to copy what they see from adults. As such, we need to be aware of the actions that we show our children. Children might learn inappropriate behaviors that might be damaging to the environment.
  2. Take kids outdoors. While staying indoors also has its benefits, it would help to bring kids to the outdoors for them to appreciate and enjoy nature. Some parents would confine their children to their homes, giving them indoor entertainment like toys, gadgets or even physical exercise tools like trampolines (many you can see at Outdoor fun is replete with benefits that are good for your kids.
  3. Teach proper waste management. Children should be taught 3Rs at an early age. Reduce, reuse and recycle should be inculcated to our kids’ daily routine. Simple things, like bringing a reusable container instead of disposable plastic, teach a powerful lesson for children.
  4. Involve them in home eco-activities. Let the children help you classify your waste, such as recyclables and reusable trash. Reinforce these activities by giving them a reward.
  5. Team up for a compost or garden project. A great way to teach kids about the environment is by working together in a garden project. If there’s no place for a garden, you can buy one plant and have them take care of it.
  6. Conserve water by closing the faucet while bathing and brushing. Children should be taught how to conserve water. There is a significant amount of water lost due to the bad habit of keeping faucet on.
  7. Turn lights off. When lights are not used, make sure to turn them off. The same is true when it comes to home appliances. You can use stickers to keep kids reminded.
  8. Let kids participate in green activities. There are lots of environmental awareness activities that children can take part in. Fun runs, games, beach cleanups, etc. You can bring your kids to these activities.