5 Proven Activities For Your Advocacy Campaigns

5 Proven Activities For Your Advocacy Campaigns

There are a lot of organizations that are now recognizing our advocacy about environmental issues. These groups are eagerly showing their support for our cause and have even spearheaded different activities. For someone who is passionately pushing for environmental awareness, I find this as a personal success. Every time I receive an invitation for activities in relation to environmental conservation, I see to it that they find a spot in my hectic schedule.

Just a few months ago, I attended a benefit concert that was organized by a local music and arts school. The proceeds of the concert would be used to fund the conservation of a natural park that was damaged by a recent storm.

The school’s musical ensemble was composed of piano, strings and wind instruments. They played some of my favorite classics. It was a great performance. But what I enjoyed the most (special mention at that!), is the solo performance of the saxophonist. I guess it’s the best rendition of “What A Wonderful World” that I have heard. I’m sure it’s both the saxophonist and the alto saxophone (you can see what it looks like here at http://windplays.com/) that worked the magic!

This is not the first time I attended an event meant for environmental advocacies. I’ve actually attended a lot. And if you’re planning to organize an event for whatever advocacy you have, I’ve come up with this list of awesome activities that are easy to spearhead but are very effective.

  1. Bingo Night

This one is very simple. You just need to have some tables, prizes, a nice tarp, audio system, and word-of-mouth advertising. For sure, people will soon flock the event. You can invite groups or organizations to make the event more successful. Add some fun by inviting guest performers in between rounds.

  1. Caroling

You can this even if it’s not Christmastime. You can turn it into both a fundraiser event as well as an advocacy campaign. Make sure to send letters ahead of time so that the recipients can prepare and set their schedule.

  1. Fashion show or gala night

This event may not be suitable for all advocacies. If you are planning to stage a fashion show, it should have a theme to which the entire event will be based from. I’m sure local designers would be very willing to showcase their artistry in your event.

Fashion show

  1. Yard sale

I’ve seen a very successful yard sale that was organized by a non-profit organization. Key to its success was the support of the homeowners’ association. They did not only profit from the event but also advanced their advocacies for the environment. What made it even more successful were the performances rendered by volunteer musicians and performers.

  1. Homecoming events

What could be easier to organize than a homecoming activity? You simply need to send out invites through social media and surely your folks would be coming to town. Just make sure that you are able to course through your advocacies and not just make it a night of fun.

There are many other creative activities that are surely crowd-drawers. Think of one that best suits your advocacy.